Soul Spirit Self Realizations
By Michele Marie Tate

Soul Spirit Self Realizations is meant to be a purposeful guide on your life journey. The information provided offers enlightenment, faith and hope to rise above life's emotional struggles and challenges.Through greater understanding of what it means to be Spiritual, you learn unconditional faith and trust in a higher power. Through simple Spiritual practices described within these pages, you can  develop a   your own personal Spiritual connection and experience a oneness to  all that is. 

The four parts called, Seeking Understanding, Spiritual Energy, Outside the Box, and For Your Reference. Understanding all the aspects of Spirituality builds faith and encourages positive thoughts and intentions to be drawn into your life. May this shared information and detailed experiences offer comfort and a belief that there is more to life than what we see. 

Remember faith moves you forward while fear holds you back.  

Wishing you an enlightened journey,

Michele Marie Tate

A Peek Inside

Understanding Your Soul

Like fingerprints, no two souls are exactly alike. It is a part of self that is attached at birth and remains with us until our last breath. Invisible to the human eye, the soul works within to guide our earth journey and teach us the lessons we came to learn.  The soul is the part of a person that is not physical and lasts eternally after the body experiences death. It is the deepest part of our self that holds all memory of our existences. I believe the frequency of our soul resides in the shadow of our life and is a communicative  tool to be used by our creator, angels and guides to help us on our journey. Our soul knows our purpose and on a subconscious level guides us to achieve it.                        

Sometimes, a dramatic set of circumstances slams us down to our knees. We cry out, "God, why is this happening?" It is when you reach this bottomless pit of emotions that the soul is exposed. Here is can rebuild, learn and grow when it finds forgiveness, faith and hope. The soul resides within the depth of your spiritual being. An unseen part of self that is sacred, private and personal. It makes up the light within you and combined with your spirit, is the essence of you. It is said that the soul is a person's moral and emotional sense of identity. We can discover this essence of our being through a path of spirituality. When we pray, meditate or contemplate life it helps us develop a connectedness to the outer world. Humankind instinctively seeks to connect with nature, the cosmos and the Divine realm. These inspiring resources can offer comfort, greater understanding and add a deeper meaning to our lives.                                                     



5.0 out of 5 stars

Easy to read & understand... This thought provoking book caused me to pause and reflect on who I am and who I want to be. April 20, 2015

By Caryn Chandler


What a treasured read! I got so much out of each unique beautifully written story in this powerful book. The Author transforms the words of hard to comprehend subjects into a dance of grace, wisdom & understanding. Each who read the pages will come away with what speaks to them .... maybe from yesterday, where you're at today and/or where the future leads you. A++

Michele's intuitive way of sharing strikes a cord inside you bringing illumination, trust and a sense of peace. This is the book you will refer to and utilize as a purposeful guide on your journey of Life."  -Susan Davidson

Blood, Money, Power

Blood, Money, Power
By Michele Marie Tate

Blood, Money, Power is an epic historical novel inspired by a true story. With its mix of fact and fiction you take a wild,   action packed  ride, back in time and visit the world of the rich, famous and wicked.

 Learn what drives someone to do the unthinkable to satisfy their personal  needs. If you love a mystery, suspense and a book that you can't put down Blood, Money, Power is for you.

It is a riveting political saga of American history from 1920-1997. Follow the Preston family bloodline for three generations.

Otto Preston, a controversial attorney, arrives in Santa Barbara, California and will do whatever it takes to build a lasting legacy and erase the pain of his personal past. Relive the glamorous 1920's. Visit the famous castle built by William R. Hearst and attend parties with legendary movie stars like Charlie Chaplin, Marion Davis and Gloria Swanson. 

Rub elbows with high society and learn their dark secrets that lead to greed and murder. Meet wicked Cynthia, exotic Adan and determined Amber. Become embroiled in the world of illegal drugs, diamond smuggling and the international mafia of Thailand. Find out if Amber uncovers  the secrets from the past, that led to her personal nightmare. In Portland, Oregon, can she expose the evil political corruption that still blasts from today's newspaper headlines? Will Amber win her fight for truth, justice and  true love? 


"I just finished reading this book, it was amazing. The story was fascinating, intriguing and compelling. The authors style was supreme. I couldn't put it down. ...and now i can't stop thinking about it." 
-Matt Roloff
"Just finished reading the book and it is A-MAZ-ING! A definite read for anyone. Couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the movie ;)! I want more!"  
"I have read your book, It was fantastic!!! I want more.".  
"What an amazing thrilling roller coaster ride of a story! I was completely engaged visually from start to finish, could not put the book down and have already re-read this a second time! Michele, you have given life to this grueling story which is sure to be a Top box office movie and hopefully has provided peace to those who have lived this tale. This well-written piece of work will surely command more from this talented author, I can hardly wait to see what's next!" 
"Michele I was absolutely carried away by your book. I was so impressed with your writing style. Your book is a true page turner. It certainly holds ones attention from the beginning to the end. It also is a book to be discussed as to the content and regarding the author. You hit on an amazing story that needs to be concluded. Justice must be served."