Astrological Forecast by Mark F Dodich




Thanks goodness we are through the eclipses now, as emotions were up in a very intense way for many people. 


Fire and earth are the strongest elements in Saturday's New Moon in Aries. That means bringing your creative passions into the practical world. A sacred Sabian Symbol for the new moon is "the music of the spheres." A suggested meaning is that you take time to listen to the tune of the universe to open to what the universe wants to bring into your life next.


The Aries new moon is where you find the inner courage to pioneer a new path. By Earth Day on the 22nd, idea planet Mercury aligns with action planet Mars in manifesting Taurus. The next week supports you in initiating new ideas to manifest your needs and desires.

But the incoming Taurus energy after the new moon advises that you must be willing to put constructive effort into reaching your goals. 


All in all, the rest of April looks to be pleasant and productive.