The Gift of Life

The time is 4:58am and I just awoke from a profound dream that touched my soul. My mind was overwhelmed with its impacting memory as the twilight of morning aroused my body

     The details of the experience were still so vivid that I easily played them over and over in my head. Each time the same emotional high filled my spirit with the kind of joy I hadn’t felt before.It was about a moment in life that everyone on earth can be touched by. I got to watch the birth of a child from a completely different perception than giving birth.  I remember seeing two small transparent sacs that each held a life waiting to be born.

     The outline of the small infants could faintly be recognized inside the flesh like membrane that surrounded them.  Then I heard a small whimper  coming from one of them. It was the first stirring of life.

     Tiny hands appeared and began reaching upward to open its sac. My immediate response was to help remove it’s covering and I gently pressed back on the layers to release the baby from its home. As I reached down to lift up the perfect human being before me, our eyes met for the first time. Something deep inside me changed as my heart and spirit connected with this new life. A joy that is hard to describe filled every inch of my being.

      The child was a boy and for a moment it brought me back to the birth of my own son. Even though he is no longer on this earth, it reminded me of the gift of life he was to me.

     Now as I reflect on this soul touching experience, it is a reminder that we are all our creators’ children. From this miracle of birth all our journeys begin. Each moment of this experience was offered to us in love and faith. The most precious gift we all have right now is our gift of life.