A Guide to Understanding Spirituality


Welcome! What does being Spiritual mean to you?  Each person searching for a deeper meaning to life opens his or her heart and mind to the window of their soul. Within this book  you will discover thought provoking insights and learn the tools to find a deeper meaning of life. This is a purposeful Spiritual guide for you to utilize and refer to, on your life journey. 

What is Spirituality? It is a journey within. A chosen personal  path of conscious living filled with unconditional faith and love. Through spiritual practice you develop a unity to all that is that opens your heart and mind to connect with your inner wisdom.

Soul Spirit Self Realizations is divided into four parts called, Seeking Understanding, Spiritual Energy, Outside the Box, and For Your Reference.  Spirituality is not a structured belief system, but rather an individual process for you to develop personal beliefs about life and your connection to the Divine realm  and higher consciousness.

Spirituality has also been called a new age Philosophy. The main types of Spiritual practice are Mystical Spirituality, Intellectual Spirituality and Social Spirituality. Mystical Spirituality is a desire to move beyond the material world and develop a sense of unity with a higher energy. Intellectual Spirituality is a study of spiritual history and theories. Social Spirituality is similar to new age philosophy, which connects like-minded people in a community setting. If you are a Spiritual seeker, Soul Spirit Self Realizations can be a pathway to enlightenment, inner peace and bring greater understanding to your life journey. It is intended for the reader to find his or her own soul, spirit self realizations.

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